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New / Improved Formula

The new Workout Fuel formula provides the same doses of Citrulline Malate, L-Leucine, Betaine Anhydrous, Beta-Alanine, and Malic Acid as the old formula, but with about half the calories. A double dose of the new formula, for example, contains 50 grams of carbs and 290 calories compared to the old formula's 120 grams of carbs and 570 calories.

We modified the formula by reducing the total carbohydrates per serving from 60 grams to 25 grams. Specifically, we removed two of the three carbohydrate ingredients — Palatinose and D-Glucose — leaving Highly Branched Cyclic Dextrin (25 g) as the formula's sole carb source.

Cyclic Dextrin is a super-advanced carbohydrate, and has proven itself to be an essential supplement for anyone pushing training limits. Based on our experience with elite-level athletes, as well as scientific research, 25 grams of Highly Branched Cyclic Dextrin is the ideal dose for high-performance demands.

Due to the cost savings, we were also able add two more servings to the container.

Formula Breakdown

IngredientsAmount Per Serving
Cyclic Dextrin 25 g
Citrulline Malate 6 g
(100% Non-Animal, Non-Hair Origin)
5 g
Betaine Anhydrous 2.5 g
Beta-Alanine 2 g
Malic Acid 1.5 g

The "Secret Stuff" of the Elite

For years Biotest has been producing small batches of custom-made formulas for an elite clientele. These clients include world-class athletes from a variety of professional and Olympic sports, as well as Hollywood actors who must get into phenomenal shape as quickly as possible or lose millions of dollars on their contracts. 

The "secret" supplements we've been able to produce are, without question, the most effective legal substances ever made. They are shockingly powerful, extraordinarily expensive, and make all the difference in the world in achieving the greatest gains as fast as humanly possible – and they have never, ever been available to the general public.

The simple reason we've never made any of these supplements available is that we assumed they were too expensive for people who didn't have lucrative sports contracts. However, we now realize that there are plenty of people who want in; who want the very best, regardless of the price.

Surge® Workout Fuel represents one of five products in our Elite Muscle line, which is designed specifically for elite-level athletes and competitors. For brutal training sessions, check out Plazma.™

The 3 Laws of Muscle

For maximum gains in muscle size, strength, or performance, there are three things you absolutely have to nail, perfectly. The first two you know. The third you might know, but maybe without fully understanding its importance or the specifics required for guaranteeing best gains. Here are the three laws:

The 1st Law of Muscle 

Design and implement the best training program for your goals.

The 2nd Law of Muscle

Rest the body to assure total recovery and super-compensation.

The 3rd Law of Muscle

To guarantee the greatest gains from training, consume the precise compounds required to fully fuel, protect, and reload muscle – which can only be done immediately prior to, during, and immediately after training.

The Impact of The 3rd Law

If you neglect the 3rd Law, or if you don't fully utilize the 3rd Law, you're totally wasting your time in the gym. And drinking many of the concoctions being sold on the market today as "workout formulas," is neglecting the 3rd Law.

However, if you follow the 3rd Law as faithfully as the first two, you'll win every time. In fact, you can virtually blow everything else and still make great gains.

Granted, there's a limit to how much bad behavior your body will tolerate, but the point remains: if you pay the same amount of attention to workout nutrition as you do training and recovery, you'll make the best gains possible.

Double Results!

Surge® Workout Fuel was the first supplement we developed for our elite, private line that harnesses the full power of the crucial 3rd Law of Muscle. We believe that once you use Surge® Workout Fuel, you'll be just like our elite athletes and never want to train without it. In fact, you'll view any non-FUELED training session as a waste of time. 

"This is the simplest, most-effective nutritional strategy in existence to improve body composition and athletic performance," says Dr. Tim Ziegenfuss. "Put simply, elite-level peri-workout nutrition, like Surge® Workout Fuel, can literally double results in body composition during training."

So, are you ready to double the results of your training by taking maximum advantage of The 3rd Law of Muscle?

3-Stack Formula

Surge® Workout Fuel contains three functional "stacks" that together provide everything required for maximum workout performance and recovery.

STACK 1 – Anaerobic Primer

  • Citrulline malate
  • L-Leucine
  • Beta-alanine
  • Malic acid


  • Increases directly both skeletal-muscle protein synthesis and ATP production.
  • Combats muscle oxidation (burning) from intense exercise.
  • Scavenges hydrogen ions to optimize intramuscular pH for maximum muscle function.
  • Boosts anaerobic and aerobic performance during exercise.
  • Jumpstarts the recovery process after intense training.
  • Allows the athlete to train harder and recover faster.

Dr. Tim Ziegenfuss:

"Effective dosing of these compounds has unmistakable effects during intense training. Citrulline malate, as well as malic acid, helps increase the elimination of amino acid breakdown products and may even increase the rate of oxidative ATP production (citrulline malate has been used in Europe for over 20 years to treat physical and mental fatigue).

"Leucine is the most important nutritional anabolic signal to skeletal muscle and helps provide the 'spark' to ignite muscle protein synthesis.

"Beta-alanine buffers excess lactate that accumulates during intense exercise, thus reducing fatigue."

STACK 2 – Hyperosmotic Glycogen Load

  • Highly branched cyclic dextrin


  • Pulls substrate-loaded fluids into muscle cells.
  • Potentiates glucose transport into muscle.
  • Acts as a powerful anti-catabolic agent.
  • Delays fatigue so you can train harder, longer.
  • Allows for faster rehydration.
  • Maximizes workout quality.

STACK 3 – Superhydration Catalyst

  • Sodium chloride
  • Sodium citrate
  • Sodium phosphate dibasic
  • Potassium bicarbonate
  • Potassium phosphate dibasic
  • Potassium succinate
  • Calcium citrate
  • Magnesium citrate tribasic


  • Enhances intracellular and intercellular electrolyte gradients and water balance, producing a hyperosmotic, super-hydrated working muscle.
  • Accelerates rehydration, preventing poor exercise performance, premature fatigue, and muscle cramping.
  • Provides the four major electrolytes (sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium) in the precise ratios required to maintain and restore acid-base balance, blood pressure, nerve conduction, muscle function, body-water distribution, glucose transport, and glycogen storage.

Dr. Jeffrey Stout:

"What that means is, the runner can run one more mile and the bodybuilder can rep out two more sets."

Who Needs Surge® Workout Fuel?

Dr. Stout recommends:

"Anyone can benefit – the strength, bodybuilding, or endurance athlete. This formula is designed to stimulate protein synthesis and reduce catabolism, delay fatigue, and provide sustained energy for any type of intense or high-volume workout or competition."

Dr. Ziegenfuss sums it up:

"If you train intensely, then Surge® Workout Fuel is an absolute requirement. On the other hand, if you're not into hard training, don't bother buying the stuff! Workout Fuel is overkill for those who aren't serious about training."

Christian Thibaudeau adds:

"The more volume of physical activity you engage in (not just weightlifting), the more benefit you'll get out of Surge® Workout Fuel. The harder you train, the more you need it. If you do nothing but talk to the treadmill bunnies between non-intensive sets, then Surge® Workout Fuel isn't for you. Save it for those who earn it!"

Do you train hard enough to earn it?

No apologies, no overstated hype, and absolutely no watering down the product to make it more economical. Surge® Workout Fuel is an elite supplement for elite athletes and those who train like them.

So if you're dead serious about training and want to double the results of your hard work, then we're making this formerly "secret supplement" available to those who truly deserve it.

Do you train hard enough to earn it? Decide now.

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