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Welcome to Biotest

Biotest manufacture Sports Supplement for Power and strength, weight loss and more. These products have been developed with advanced technology to provide you with incredibly powerful benefits. Our site contains supplements to achieve any goal and as we are the Official UK Re-Sellers the prices of our Biotest supplements are the lowest in the UK.


  • Hot-Rox Extreme Fat Burner 100 Capsules
    £44.99 £67.99

    Hot-Rox Extreme Fat Burner 100 Capsules

    Hot Rox Extreme is the Real Deal. Biotest's hot rox extreme is by far one of the most effective fat burners out there on the market, if not the most effective. I have tried so many fat burners in the past and most of them dont work at all. However this product takes fat burning down to DNA level and does the job other products cant. I would recommend this to anyone that is struggling to lose that extra weight no matter what kind of exercise of pill they take. Rate: 5Rate: 5Rate: 5Rate: 5Rate: 5 Yaroslav Troshchey, Bournemouth
  • Alpha Male 74 Tablets
    £54.99 £79.99

    Alpha Male 74 Tablets


    I currently compete in natural powerlifting, and im not a big fan of using supplements but this test booster (natural) knocked my strength up to another 40kg on my bench and 50kg on my squat, good product exspensive but definately worth it!

    Rate: 5Rate: 5Rate: 5Rate: 5Rate: 5 Jarrel Brown
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