Carbolin 19 Anabolic / Lipolytic Agent

Carbolin 19® 60 Capsules

Anabolic / Lipolytic Agent for Building Muscle While Losing Fat

• Increases Muscular Pump
• Increases Rate of Muscle Gains
• Increases Rate of Strength Gains
• Decreases Fat Mass
  • Forskolin Carbonate


The Ultimate Anabolic Bridge

The Art of "Keeping Gains"

In bodybuilding, there are two primary reasons to use anabolic agents:

  1. To build muscle mass
  2. To keep muscle mass.

Why is it that no one ever really discusses the second reason?

Simple, it's very difficult to keep the mass gained from anabolic mega-cycles, and gear gurus don't like to fail. In fact, it's so hard to maintain big gains that today's "overbuilt" professional bodybuilders find it easier to remain on big gear all year long.

As a result, the art of "keeping gains" is all but lost.

Most of us don't want the bloated mass of a modern pro bodybuilder, anyway. We'd much rather build physiques like the bodybuilding masters of the 70's and early 80's, like Arnold and Zane. In other words, most guys want to be muscular, have great lines and symmetry, and be healthy — and not repulsive to 99.9% of the desirable women.

In other words, we want to be muscular-cool...

The Bodybuilding Masters Knew

The bodybuilding masters took a fraction of the gear used today and knew how to keep the gains they made. They were healthy and physically capable. It's not that they didn't have access to steroids, or that they didn't want to build their best bodies.

By most standards, their bodies looked better than today's pros, and let's not forget... this was the era when all the great designer steroids were used, like Premobolan, Parabolan, Winstrol, Dianabol, Anadrol, and Anavar.

The masters knew how to pack on the right amount of mass; they knew how to develop great lines and symmetry; they knew how to cycle gear; and above all, they knew what to do to keep their hard-earned gains.

It's the "keeping" part that's a lost art. For these masters, it wasn't a matter of shooting themselves with mega doses of anabolics. That was never an option for them. They weren't after the bloated freak-show look of today's pros.

No, they wanted a much more refined and elegant look. And they knew how to get it by manipulating anabolic physiology just enough to achieve the esthetically pleasing, muscular leanness that's the trademark of the bodybuilding masters.

No matter how you achieved your gains over the years — whether you've used anabolic steroids, pro-steroids, prohormones, or remained clean — it's those periods when your anabolic physiology was a step beyond natural that you began to see a shift toward muscular leanness.

Not 2 or 3 Steps... But Only 1 Step Above Natural

It's not when you're bulking up with mega doses of anabolic agents that you develop that refined, angular look that everyone wants but almost no one can achieve. It's only when you're one step above your natural anabolic state that you really refine your physique.

This is a level of anabolism that allows you to strip off the fat without losing muscle; to overreach and not overtrain; to be in an anabolic state without bloating or overstressing the body's systems; to actually build muscle while losing fat!

These periods are all too infrequent and relatively unpredictable, especially if you've remained off gear. This is why most bodybuilders find it impossible to be in great condition for more than just a few days out of the year. And if we're honest with ourselves, we'd admit that we've lost a significant amount of the cumulative total gains we've made over a lifetime of training.

Don't forget those periods when, for whatever reason, you weren't that diligent about eating or training and you rapidly lost some of the gains you'd worked so hard to acquire. For many of us, our training lives have been a constant two-step-forward, one-step-backward shuffle.

Think about it. If you had kept all, or even most, of your gains over the years, how much more muscular leanness would you have today? How much stronger would you be? And, how much closer to your goals would you be?

Scary thought, huh?

Not scary enough, my frustrated friend. What if there were a way to insure your gains? What if there really was a science breakthrough that would manipulate anabolic physiology so that you could not only attain but keep a level of muscular leanness that's similar to that of the bodybuilding masters?

What if there really was a way to advance your anabolic physiology one step above natural — and to do that 365 days a year without the fear of down-regulation or suppression.

Well, that breakthrough does exist and I can prove it to a scientific certainty.

The Lost Anabolic Bridge

There's a concept among the bodybuilding masters of the 70's and 80's called "bridging." Bridging — aka "the bridge" or "the taper" — is the transition period between a heavier cycle for maximum mass and tapering off gear. The bridge involves switching from heavy androgenic-anabolic agents, which are highly suppressive, to the less-androgenic but still highly anabolic compounds.

For example, these masters might have used Parabolan, Deca and Dianabol during the mass phase, and switched to Primobolan, Winstrol and Anavar during the bridge.

The bridge was also used in the opposite direction, going from off steroids to on. In other words, the masters might need a little extra boost to keep progress moving, but they didn't want to go heavy on the juice. So, they'd use bridging protocols to achieve a supra-natural anabolic state that they could sustain for many weeks without the fear of endocrine disruption.

In fact, I know several bodybuilding masters who used bridging techniques exclusively. They never used massive amounts of steroids to build their bodies. Anyone who knows these bodybuilding masters will tell you the same thing: The gear most often used back then was real tame compared to what's being hammered today.

Regardless of how it was used, the bridge was intended to harden the physique while maintaining muscle mass, in preparation for competition or for sustained progression. And if executed properly, the bridge was highly effective at shifting body composition — stripping off body fat while maintaining or even gaining muscle.

The entire process was tedious and required a lot of discipline, but highly effective. None of the masters knocked out their endocrine systems. And none of them used big gear full-time. Most of them looked great year round. And all of them utilized the bridge to deliver these results.

The bridge is the lost secret weapon in today's bodybuilding. And it's the single greatest thing you could employ to actually get and keep your ultimate physique. That is, if you like the muscular-lean look of the bodybuilding masters.

A Better Anavar

Anavar (oxandrolone) is one of the best steroids for bridging. It can't aromatize or reduce. It's highly anabolic with low androgenicity. It's only mildly suppressive and rates minimal for liver toxicity.

The overall effect of an Anavar bridge is a moderate increase in lean mass and a significant reduction in body fat, making it an ideal choice for long-term "cosmetic bodybuilding." There is, however, one drawback to using Anavar. You have to cycle off, due to potential liver toxicity and inevitable testosterone suppression. So, even though Anavar is one of the best bridging agents, it's far from perfect.

Bottom line with androgens, if you want to avoid negative side effects, they should be completely cycled off a significant portion of the year, which drives users crazy.

The more muscle magic you find in androgens, the harder it is — psychologically and physiologically — to go off. This is why there's been an all-out search for a nonsteroidal anabolic compound.

Biotest has spent a lot of its research endeavors on finding a nonsteroidal anabolic agent that actually produces an effect that equals or exceeds Anavar. Not only that, we wanted to find a compound that users could take year-round without having to cycle off.

We have, in fact, found such a compound. The final result is, it's actually better than Anavar. But, before I get into the details, I want to make three, very important points:

  1. The novel compound is intended for bridging, and not for mega cycles. As such, you'll not gain pounds of muscle per week. No, this is far more elegant than that.
  2. Users will gain pounds of muscle, alright, but it will be built consistently over the year, a few ounces at a time — while losing body fat.
  3. The overall concept of bridging is to progressively shift body composition toward muscular leanness. Again, this means you might not see an immediate increase in total body weight, but over time, you will see a significant difference in the way you look and in your response to training.

So, I don't want anyone giving me smack about overstating the effects of our novel anabolic agent. It's not intended to mimic trenbolone stacked with stanozolol. It's intended to equal the effects of a decent dose of Anavar! But like I said, we beat that.

Bottom line, in a head-to-head comparison to Anavar the new compound equals the lean mass gains and exceeds the body-fat losses!

Again, that's an excellent benchmark, but it's certainly not anything like what big gear could yield. Keep that in mind while you let this sink in:

We've developed a better anabolic compound than Anavar! Better in the sense that it's equal in anabolic horsepower, but it's actually more effective at stripping off body fat — and it doesn't have to be cycled! It will not down-regulate your endocrine system and it won't lose its effectiveness over time.

So, now you can bridge full-time!

Carbolin 19® — The Ultimate Anabolic Bridge

The name of the novel anabolic compound is Carbolin 19®. The actual chemical name is forskolin 1,9-carbonate. Carbolin 19® is a carbonate ester of a naturally occurring diterpene called forskolin, which is extracted from the plant Coleus forskohlii!

We extracted and purified forskolin to pharmaceutical-grade standards and further refined it into a carbonate ester. This reaction extended the duration of action from four hours to 12 hours. The carbonate increases bioavailability as well, but it wasn't enough. So, we incorporated the compound into our Self-Microemulsifying Nutrient Delivery System, which further enhances bioavailability.

One of the members of our research group conducted a university study on an earlier, less-potent version of Carbolin 19®. The findings show that pure forskolin literally equals the anabolic effects of Anavar. But that's not all.

Unlike Anavar, Carbolin 19® is not liver toxic and is not receptor mediated. This means that you can take it year-round without becoming liver toxic, that its effects will not diminish over time, and that you will not suppress natural testosterone production. In fact, there's indication that Carbolin 19® helps support the natural production of testosterone.

Bottom line, Carbolin 19® can deliver better results than Anavar but without any of the negative side effects, making it the perfect anabolic bridge!

Here's a chart that compares pharmaceutical-grade forskolin to Anavar. The data for Anavar came from a compilation of two peer-reviewed studies found in the scientific literature. The forskolin data is from the university study that's pending publication.

Anavar Study v. Forskolin Study Comparison

Study Parameters Anavar Forskolin
Duration 12 weeks 12 weeks
Mg/Day 20 50
Placebo Controlled Yes Yes
Randomized Yes Yes
Double Blind Yes Yes
Percent Males 100% 100%
Study Results Anavar Forskolin
Lean Mass Change + 3.9 lb + 8.2 lb
Fat Mass Change - 7.0 lb - 9.9 lb

As you can see, forskolin blew away Anavar, both in lean mass gained and fat mass lost! And remember, the version of forskolin used in the study is much weaker than Carbolin 19®! In addition to being more potent, Carbolin 19® has a longer active life and a substantially greater bioavailability.


Those who've used Carbolin 19® say that it's much more effective than forskolin and feels like real gear:

  • Increases muscular pump
  • Elevates mood
  • Increases rate of muscle gains
  • Increases rate of strength gains
  • Decreases fat mass while gaining muscle

Initially, users should not necessarily expect much if any gain in overall body weight. What occurs is a shift in body composition toward lean mass. In other words, if you're losing fat while gaining muscle, you might have a net-zero increase in body weight, but a dramatic shift in favor of lean-body composition.

Remember, the goal here is to gain muscle while losing fat, not "bulking up." In other words, you're bridging, not bulking. Not only that, you're able to bridge year-round!

With Carbolin 19®, there's no more muscle losses because you can't eat or train perfectly, and no more two-steps-forward, one-step-backward progress. Instead you can, for the very first time, keep your hard-earned gains, and you can look great year-round.

Carbolin 19® is, without a doubt, the very best bridging agent ever developed, period. And we have every expectation that you'll agree.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Disclaimer: Individual results may vary.