Indigo 3G Controls Carbs to Build Muscle

Indigo-3G® 90 capsules

Controls Carbs to Build Muscle*

  • C3G (Cyanidin 3-Glucoside)
  • Releases and burns fat.*
  • Prevents fat storage and shrinks fat cells.*
  • Maximizes muscle nutrient uptake for faster gains.*
  • Changes the way your body handles carbs.*
  • Allows you to consume more calories and carbs without fat gain.*
  • Makes it easy to lose body fat without obsessive dieting.*
  • Increases work capacity in the gym or in your sport.*

The Muscle/Fat Paradox

The perfect body composition: low body fat, plenty of rock-hard muscle. It's the goal of everyone who hits the gym. But it's difficult, even if you're working hard.

Here's the paradox: You need to eat a lot of quality foods to build muscle, and that includes a good amount of carbs. But unless you're genetically gifted, some of that food is stored as body fat. Maybe a lot of it.

So what do we do to lose the excess fat? We diet. And that often includes lowering carb intake. But then muscles look flat, performance decreases, and muscle gains slow down or come to a halt. What's worse, strict low-carb diets "teach" your body that it can't handle carbs. Carbs begin to be preferentially stored as fat, instead of being used to fuel workouts and build muscle.

So the average lifter is left with a choice: get bigger but softer, or get lean but also kinda frail looking.

It Doesn't Have To Be That Way

Indigo-3G selectively partitions nutrients so that food turns to muscle, rather than just being stored as fat.* The result?

  • Dramatically improved body composition.*
  • The ability to eat more to build muscle without getting fat.*
  • The ability to lose fat without excessive dieting.*
  • The ability to enjoy carbs again without worry.*

Helps Food Turn to Muscle*

Cyanidin 3-glucoside (C3G) — a naturally occurring compound — precisely controls carbohydrates to help the food you eat turn to muscle.* Research has proven C3G's effects on insulin signaling, selective insulin sensitivity, glucose and nutrient management, and its direct effect on fat and muscle cells.*

Indigo-3G helps your body function perfectly for building muscle without the fear of gaining fat, even while on a bulking diet, making the body-building process a whole new ballgame.* No more depriving yourself of the optimal nutrition for building muscle because "your body can't handle the carbs" — because now it can.*

Indigo-3G acts as a nutrient partitioning agent — meaning it maximizes carbohydrate uptake in muscle, releases and burns fat, and prevents the storage of fat.* That makes Indigo-3G the ultimate body-transformation agent.*

How C3G Affects Cells

Fat Cells — C3G up-regulates gene expression for fat oxidation (fat burning) and down-regulates gene expression for fat storage. The oxidation of fatty acids increases further, directly through the release of adiponectin.* The overall effect is that fat cells begin to shrink.* The reduced inflammation also decreases the size of fat cells and disgorges the excess water associated with the inflammatory process, leading to a less bloated and squishy feeling to the fat under the skin. In short, Indigo-3G repairs dysfunctional fat cells.*

Muscle Cells — Insulin sensitivity of muscle cells increases.* This enhances insulin signaling and glucose and nutrient uptake, along with enhancing glycogen synthesis, which drives glucose and nutrients preferentially into muscle rather than shuttling them off to fat storage.*

The Most Effective Delivery System*

There are other C3G products on the market, but they have two big problems. First, many supplement makers just shove a little C3G into a capsule without using a proper delivery system that makes it bioavailable or usable in the body.* Second, most C3G supplements are under-dosed.* C3G is expensive, and other products just don't provide enough of it to give you a noticeable effect.*

But Indigo-3G is different. The formula contains a self-microemulsifying delivery system that substantially enhances C3G's potency, bioavailability, and stability.* Most importantly, Indigo-3G provides the amount of C3G required for maximum results.*

How to Get the Greatest Effects From Indigo-3G

Here are the important things to keep in mind and what to expect:

  1. Enhanced Carb Uptake:* You can't utilize something you don't consume. So, if you don't consume ample supplies of carbs around your workout, you'll greatly diminish muscle mass gains. In contrast, low-carb diets make your muscles feel and appear flat. This "flatness" is due to low intramuscular pressure, which is associated with a catabolic (muscle wasting) state. Keeping muscle bellies full, by including ample amounts of carbs, means that you're not losing muscle and well on the way to building it.*
  2. Increased Muscle Gains and Fat Loss:* Most users will begin noticing changes in body composition within the first week or two. Some have even reported substantial muscle gains and fat loss during that same period. Initially, you might not see a change in scale weight, but you'll notice that you're getting leaner and more muscular. We've observed this weight homeostasis effect when doing Dexa scans on subjects.*
  3. Bigger Muscle Pumps:* Within a few days, muscle pumps should come much more quickly and easily, and be noticeably larger (even to others in the gym). The pump should also last longer after the workout is completed. Even at rest, the muscles of Indigo-3G users can feel and appear fuller and semi-pumped, especially when taking in ample amounts of quality nutrients.*
  4. Faster Strength Gains:* Strength increases should come faster and more often. In fact, some reported having to recheck the plates on the bar after a set, thinking they forgot to add weight between sets.*
  5. Enhanced Work Capacity and Recovery:* Due to enhanced glucose management, almost all users notice what many describe as "limitless energy to do more in the gym." And they also report improved recovery rates.*


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