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The Fastest Recovery, The Greatest Growth

The protein in Mag-10 is comprised of a unique di- and tripeptide complex that's transported – unaltered, requiring no further breakdown – directly into the bloodstream. The di-/tripeptide mixture found in Mag-10 produces effects in muscle that go far beyond simple amino acids from other protein sources.*

In fact, only 20 grams of Mag-10 stimulates protein synthesis, as well as other muscle building and recovery effects, to a far greater degree than what you would get from 100s of grams of conventional protein powders or whole foods.*

Mag-10 also contains a special carbohydrate mixture that, in addition to increasing metabolic rate, drives supraphysiologic levels of these di- and tripeptides, as well as other vital nutrients, into the muscle cell.*

The increased rate of recovery and gains you'll experience from Mag-10 will be nothing less than shocking. So, don't hold back in the gym. You'll completely recover, grow, and be ready for more the next day.*

1) Protein Pulsing

How your body utilizes protein can have a powerful impact on how fast you gain muscle mass. Simply put, the greater the body's response to protein utilization, the greater the muscle gains achieved.*

Unfortunately, the standard advice has been to "consume a big dose of protein every couple of hours," which is too often and actually causes the body to become unresponsive to protein.*

Science and experience now tell us that we actually should've been doing something called "protein pulsing." Protein pulsing is a science-based dosing strategy for making the body hyper-responsive to high-protein utilization and producing the maximum anabolic effect.*

For protein pulsing to be effective, you have to achieve three or four sizable amino-acid spikes per day, and allow the body's amino-acid levels to return to baseline after each spike. In order to do that, you have to use a fast-acting protein formulation that's designed specifically for maximum pulsing effect.*

Optimal times for pulses are 30 minutes prior to meals, between meals that are six hours apart (or longer), and post-workout, when the body is already in a hyper-responsive state and needs the additional protein. Mag-10 is the only formula in the world designed specifically to deliver the maximum pulse effect.*

2) During Cardio or Metcon

Fasted cardio (doing cardio on an empty stomach, such as first thing in the morning) is used by many physique competitors for fat loss. The idea is simple: body fat is vulnerable when you're in a fasted state and can be better oxidized and burned for fuel. But there's a problem. Muscle is also vulnerable, and that means your metabolism is at risk.*

What you need is a muscle protectant, something that blocks the catabolism of lean muscle mass but doesn't interfere with the fat burning effects of cardio and metabolic conditioning. Mag-10 fits the bill perfectly.*

Dr. Lonnie Lowery tested this in the lab and found that Mag-10, when sipped during cardio exercise, prevented any loss of muscle. He noted, "Fat burning remained in high gear during aerobic sessions, while muscles were fully protected. This is a prime example of tactical nutrition."*

3) During a 24-Hour Fast

Fasting, going for a period of time without food, has its benefits for fat loss and health, but it also has several drawbacks. Done in the traditional way, it can wreck your metabolic rate. And regular fasting certainly does nothing for muscle gains.*

The Biotest team spent seven years experimenting with different fasting protocols. We refused to put our stamp of approval on a plan unless it could provide not only a powerful thermogenic effect, but also a profound anabolic response. In other words, fat loss and muscle gain.*

The versatile Mag-10 formula turned out to be the secret weapon. In short, we discovered that pulsing with Mag-10 several times a day instead of eating solid foods produced the thermo-anabolic effect we were after.*

This one-day semi-fast triggered a greater rate of combined fat loss and muscle gain than when either are done separately, as with traditional "bulking" and "cutting" plans. Why? Because we're resetting the fat cell's hormone-release pattern to induce an anabolic metabolism that's fueled by the body's own fat stores.*

4) Post-Workout

After a tough workout, the muscle-eating hormone cortisol is elevated and your body's rate of protein breakdown exceeds your rate of protein synthesis. Mag-10 squashes this catabolic effect and accelerates recovery and growth during this critical time period.*

The Next Generation of Protein and Carbs

Fact: Your body demands protein and carbohydrates to build muscle and perform optimally. That's why the first sports supplements were protein/carb drinks. Though primitive, they helped.*

Today, supplement science has evolved. There are now more advanced forms of protein and amino acids that build muscle faster. And there are designer carbs that fuel your body for performance and recovery. These carbs can even speed up your metabolic rate and, essentially, can't be stored as body fat.*

The effects of these specialty proteins and carbs simply cannot be simulated with whole foods. Science has beaten nature.*

User Feedback

"I am sooo sold on Mag-10 and Mag-10 pulsing!"

John Meadows

During a recent seminar, I literally spent 8 solid hours demonstrating how I train different body parts. Going into it, I wasn't sure if we'd have breaks or not, so I decided to pulse Mag-10 the entire day as kind of an insurance policy.

I had breakfast that morning and I then loaded a mix of Mag-10 in a big Nalgene bottle before heading out. I started to get hungry an hour or two into the seminar, so I started sipping Mag-10. Every hour or so I'd take a few big gulps and continue on. I finished the last of the Mag-10 by the end of the day and headed home for a solid meal.


Now here's where the fun begins. The next morning I was really worried that I'd be weak due to having eaten very little solid food the previous day. I had chest and shoulders to train and I started off with a machine press. When I'm feeling really strong I can do 6 to 8 good reps with the stack, but get this – I did 22 reps on my last set! My training partners were freaked out and didn't know what to think.


We moved on to the incline barbell press. I usually do sets of 6 to 8 reps and work up to about 315, where on a good day I might get 8 reps. This time I did 15 reps! Next was the Smith decline press. I usually get up to around 375 for a triple, but much to my surprise, I did 8 reps! This isn't supposed to happen. My strength went up – and stayed up – on all my lifts! Talk about getting excited, talk about not being able to wait until the next workout!


Here's something else I started doing. During the week I train at night and have my last meal of the day after my workout. Those of you who know my story know that I lost my large intestine from a vascular disease and that frequently causes me to wake up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom. I figured I'd take advantage of the situation. We all know that we need to keep protein synthesis on for as long as possible, so I started pulsing another 3-4 scoops of Mag-10® when I wake up during the night. I'd never tell people to set their alarms to pulse, but since I'm already up, I figured, hey, why not keep growing?


The result is that I've continued to make progress at jaw-dropping speed. I am sooo sold on Mag-10 and Mag-10 pulsing!


—  John Meadows

"Without a doubt, Mag-10® is the best supplement I've ever taken."

Jim Wendler

I've always been a little skeptical of supplements. However, I can honestly say that Biotest and its CEO Tim Patterson have never asked me to endorse or talk about any product that I didn't believe in.

This is one of the reasons why I'm impressed with Biotest and Tim Patterson: they fully support my work and my writings, and simply ask me to provide them with good quality (I hope they're quality) training articles. That's it. You may not believe that, but I'm okay with it, as I know I'm telling the truth. And I believe in giving credit where it's due.

Without a doubt, Mag-10 is the best supplement I've ever taken is. No question about it.

I've played around with various Mag-10 protocols. The one that works the best for me is 2-4 servings before training, and 2-4 servings after training.

I'm someone who hates to eat food and has zero appetite, which could be why Mag-10 works so well for me. I generally try to eat 4 meals per day, each consisting of some kind of protein (usually eggs, steak, or dark chicken), some kind of vegetable, and some kind of carbohydrate.

Mag-10 prior and post training pretty much allows me to eat however I want, and as little (or as much) as I want. My workout recovery is much better, I can train at a higher level longer, I'm leaner, and most important, I don't feel the protein-shake bloat all day. Mag-10® also tastes great, is easy to prepare, and doesn't take 30 minutes to drink.

Is Mag-10® expensive? Yes. Does it work? Yes. Is Mag-10 worth the money? Yes. I can honestly say that because I pay for it out of my own pocket just like everyone else, and I will be re-upping my Mag-10 supply this week.

—  Jim Wendler

"I gained 7 pounds of muscle in 7 days!"


Chad Coy


I've been so impressed with Mag-10 pulsing that I decided to see how much muscle I could gain if I took the protocol to a new level. My plan was to go on a one-week blast where I took six pulses per day. The result? I gained a shocking 7 pounds of muscle that week.


I've been a professional strongman competitor for 15 year and I've never experienced anything like this.Consider what it's done to my recovery -- I train each body part three times per week when I'm getting ready for a competition. People say I'm crazy, but as long as I'm using Mag-10® and recovering, it makes perfect sense. The more often you can train and then recover from your training, the more gains you'll make, period. Mag-10® allows me to do that. In fact, with Mag-10, I feel like I can recover from anything!

I can honestly say, Mag-10 is a supplement I’ll use forever. Nothing on the market compares to it! It’s great for gaining strength, recovery, you name it. I'll be using my prize money from the World's to stock up!


—  Chad Coy, World’s Strongest Man Competitor

"Mag-10 saved my muscle and my physique."

I came through the other side of cancer a little paler and a little balder, but I lived. I’m damn sure my physical state going into this ordeal saved my life, and my nutrition saved my muscle. Several pulses of Mag-10® a day literally saved my physique in a situation where you’d expect to lose muscle very quickly.


I pulsed with Mag-10 throughout chemotherapy. They said I could only have clear liquids, so Mag-10 was my go-to drink. I’d have one to six servings a day. I should have lost tons of muscle. In fact, there's no way in the world I should still look like I do, but I do! I knew what I had and I knew the most effective times to apply Mag-10 to my situation, and it worked!


Mag-10 saved my muscle and my physique during cancer, and I will stand by that. You can take it to the bank! MAG-10 also kept me in the gym during chemo. My strength remained and my will followed.

I can’t thank Tim Patterson and Biotest enough!


—  Hip Scar

"I have so much more energy to train when using Mag-10."

I have so much more energy to train when using Mag-10. I have three pulses per day between my main meals. And when I use it before bed I wake up tighter and leaner. My wife has started using it too, and now she has all this energy! She's working out every day.

—  Justin Negrete


"If I could only pick one supplement, it would be Mag-10."

With Mag-10 as part of my supplement regimen, I don't even plan to take days off from training. I know I can train every day and always have a good workout. I never feel wiped out. Mag-10 gives me better recovery, better workouts, and a better feeling over all.


I take a few pulses every single day. I take it when I go to bed and again in the morning. My muscles always look full and I can see a difference in the mirror every morning. If I could only pick one supplement, it would be Mag-10.

—  Mike Cameron


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