Surge Recovery

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Surge® Recovery 1408 g

The Original Scientific Workout Formula

  • Reloads BCAAs and glycogen stores.*
  • Enhances muscle amino-acid transport.*
  • Fuels muscle-protein synthesis.*

Stimulate Gains, Recover Faster*

Surge Recovery is designed to stimulate anabolism and jump-start recovery when it's most important for making progress — post workout. Surge Recovery stimulates a hormonal surge that drives high concentrations of anabolic and anti-catabolic nutrients deep into the muscle cell.*

Who Should Use Surge Recovery

  • Bodybuilders and all serious lifters
  • Strength, combat, and endurance athletes
  • CrossFitters and hard-training military personal

What Normally Happens After a Workout

After a tough lifting session or endurance workout, something surprising happens in the body. Instead of getting better, your body actually gets worse for a few hours.

Protein breakdown (muscle loss) occurs much faster than protein synthesis (muscle building). And glycogen, which is basically muscle energy, is low. If it stays low, future workouts will suffer and performance levels will drop.

If you train hard and often, these catabolic post-workout periods start to add up:

  • Soreness is prolonged
  • Fatigue sets in and performance dips
  • Muscle gains slow to a crawl and can even stop. Unchecked, your weight training workouts could actually start making you lose more muscle than you build.

Now, several hours after training, your body slowly begins to recover and muscle protein balance is eventually restored, hopefully with more protein synthesis than protein breakdown occurring. But what if you could completely stop those catabolic post-workout actions from happening in the first place?

If you could immediately fuel muscle protein synthesis, top off glycogen stores, and halt the catabolic activities that normally occur after training, several things would happen:

  • You'd recover rapidly.*
  • You'd build more muscle.*
  • Performance levels in the gym or in your sport would increase.*
  • You'd be able to train harder, with more energy, in subsequent workouts.*

The Post-Workout Window of Opportunity

How do you do it? It all comes down to post-workout nutrition: what nutrients you consume immediately after training.

Certain protein and carbohydrate foods can help a little, but solid foods are too slow. They can't "work" fast enough to get your body out of that muscle-wasting slump. And it's pretty much impossible to get the ratio of nutrients right: too much fat interferes with the process, the wrong carbs do nothing, and the wrong types of protein are too slow.*

What you need instead is a laser-guided, anabolic smart bomb made up of just the right nutrients in the ideal ratio proven in study after study to work every time. Get those nutrients into your body fast and that post-workout period of catabolic activity becomes a window of opportunity for improvement.*

The best way to do it? Right after a workout, ingest a precise, science-backed formula that rapidly fuels your body with exactly what it needs and nothing it doesn't. That formula is Surge Recovery.*

The Ultimate Recovery Formula

Surge Recovery will...

  • Kick-start and amplify the recovery process.*
  • Completely halt protein breakdown.*
  • Force further increases in muscle protein synthesis.*
  • Rapidly replenish low glycogen stores in muscle.*

This means faster recovery with less soreness, mind-blowing workouts, improved sports performance, and faster muscle gains.*

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Disclaimer: Individual results may vary.

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