Surge Workout Fuel


Surge Workout Fuel

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Surge Workout Fuel 990 g


For Intense Training Endurance

Make Tough Workouts Feel Easy.*

• Maximizes Strength and Explosiveness.*

• Minimizes Exercise Fatigue.*

• Speeds Recovery Between Sets.*

• Citrulline Malate

• Leucine• Cyclic Dextrin



  • Potentiates nutrient transport into muscle.*
  • Enhances intracellular and intercellular electrolytes and water balance in hard-working muscle.*
  • Combats muscle oxidation from intense exercise.*
  • Optimizes intramuscular pH for maximum endurance and enhanced performance.*

Who Needs Surge® Workout Fuel?

Dr. Stout recommends:

"Anyone can benefit – the strength, bodybuilding, or endurance athlete. This formula is designed to stimulate protein synthesis and reduce catabolism, delay fatigue, and provide sustained energy for any type of intense or high-volume workout or competition."


Dr. Ziegenfuss sums it up:

"If you train intensely, then Surge® Workout Fuel is an absolute requirement. On the other hand, if you're not into hard training, don't bother buying the stuff! Workout Fuel is overkill for those who are not serious about training."


Christian Thibaudeau adds:

"The more volume of physical activity you engage in (not just weightlifting), the more benefit you'll get out of Surge® Workout Fuel. The harder you train, the more you need it. If you do nothing but talk to the treadmill bunnies between non-intensive sets, then Surge® Workout Fuel isn't for you. Save it for those who earn it!"


Do you train hard enough to earn it?

No apologies, no overstated hype, and absolutely no watering down the product to make it more economical. Surge® Workout Fuel is an elite supplement for elite athletes and those who train like them.


So if you're dead serious about training and want to double the results of your hard work, then we're making this formerly "secret supplement" available to those who truly deserve it.


Do you train hard enough to earn it? Decide now.

Formula Breakdown


Ingredients Amount Per Serving
Cyclic Dextrin 25 g
Citrulline Malate 6 g
(100% Non-Animal, Non-Hair Origin)
5 g
Betaine Anhydrous 2.5 g
Beta-Alanine 2 g
Malic Acid 1.5 g

RECOMMENDED USE: To hydrate and preload buffering substrates, begin drinking 15 minutes prior to training. To assure proper hydration and achieve maximum performance levels, consume while exercising at a minimum rate of 600 m